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The Beth Ryne Studio for Acting is an artistic community designed to enrich creative expression. Beth's teaching and directing philosophy centers on actors' mindful awareness of the present moment and appreciation of their individuality. Actors do their best work when they live in the love of their craft. A wise teacher once said that people stop acting when “the pain of trying exceeds the thrill of doing.” The business of carving out a space in the Industry can stifle joy when actors do not have an outlet to maximize their potential, but it does not have to. At the Beth Ryne Studio for Acting, we experience the “thrill of doing” every week. Under Beth’s patient tutelage, actors are provided a safe environment to take risks, overcome self-limiting beliefs and old habits, and nurture their unique voice by standing in their power.

“The breath is the gateway to emotion. The senses are the door to presence.”

Located at Ace Studios
211 N. Victory Blvd. Burbank, 91502

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Larry Powell

Ovation Award nominated actor,


“Beth Ryne’s ability to drop the artist into a space where they feel authentic, radically creative, and seen is truly one of a kind. Beth has the ability to inspire the courage, surrender and trust necessary to access real freedom in your work. Beth also has been on the other side of the table a ton and so know’s what tends to work and why.”

Shoniqua Shandai

“Beth is an actor’s advocate! Enthralled with the craft and the rehearsal process, she passionately creates an atmosphere that allows an actor the freedom and tools to explore and play with utter abandon. Her commitment to finding a deeper meaning behind the words forced me to give myself permission to play pretend. Beth’s enthusiasm for discovery is an actor’s dream.”

Chad Coe

“Beth has a keen eye for talent and how to tell stories in an authentic way. I first saw this in her casting where she worked with the best in the industry. Her curiosity and focus on authenticity and inclusion led to her directing career. To be able to work with someone who has guided actors in the room to their authentic selves and knows what it is like behind the camera--you couldn’t be in better hands.”

Ashley Romans


“Beth Ryne is a fantastic teacher with a very good eye for cultivating and directing talent. Every time I can be coached by her is a treat.”

Charlotte Gulezian

actress, SHAMELESS

"Beth is one of the most sensitive and creative artists I have come across in Los Angeles.  She is a bright light wherever she goes. The projects that she has developed or been a part of are more than just great storytelling and incredible performances, but they are deeply personal to Beth and she fights for what she believes.  To work with Beth Ryne has been a tremendous gift and highlight of my career."

Mike Bash


“Beth is a great teacher and casting director (and person!) because she actually cares about you. I know that can a bit of a cliche thing to say but for me the proof is in how she has always worked with me to play more and more. She celebrates what I've brought into the room and then helps me explore new and more efficient ways to tell the story. She's also a fan and you can tell. I find that's a rarity and wish more teachers and casting directors were so open. Beth is always fun to work with because I can tell she's actively rooting for me. It completely changes the audition/work dynamic and then you're just exploring and playing; forgetting the camera, the nerves and the business of it all. It's just a much more enjoyable way to work and has been a huge help in rehearsal and in the room.”



“Beth is one of the most giving artists, directors, and humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She is so open to sharing her knowledge with her students, giving them the tools needed to perfect their craft. Beth creates an environment where actors feel safe and supported to go within themselves and discover more skills than they thought they had. If you want to find success as an artist (and enjoy the work and journey along the way), I can’t recommend Beth enough.”

JJ Hawkins

JJ Hawkins


“Beth Ryne is truly one of a kind. Her directing is honest and uncompromising, personable and professional. She commands respect through the immediate respect she gives to those she works with. Her passion is evident and I feel all the better for having crossed paths with it. Beyond all the professional experience she has to offer, there’s a surplus of knowledge I wish everyone could learn from Beth.”

Matthew Hancock

“For an actor, Beth is a valuable asset to have. She cares about you, the work, and the larger mission of being an artist. She has a keen eye and many times she has coached me to get the center of my characters. Her dual roles as a creative and history as a casting director give her the ability to give you an all around approach to being able to guide you through the work as well as any other input you would need as a professional actor.”

"I’ve been taking classes and worked with Beth for several years. Her knowledge of the game and incredible direction give her the edge that most teachers don’t have in Los Angeles. Highly recommended.”

“Beth Ryne is a wonderful casting director, artist and human being. I have gotten the chance to interact with her in many capacities and she truly knows how to work with actors. She has a knowledge and understanding of the craft that encompasses on camera and behind the camera skills. I would highly recommend learning from her experience and expertise.”

Ben Landmesser


“Beth approached each rehearsal with full commitment and an infectious enthusiasm. In a city teeming with jaded, to-cool-for-school directors Beth stands out as honest and sincere collaborator."

Wendy Rosoff


"Beth is able to communicate with actors in a unique way. She leads through a series of questions, gives the opportunity to find specifics, helps make grounded choices, and humanizes the work in a safe and welcoming environment. She really gets it!"


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“Mindful self-awareness is the key. You must know where you are to go somewhere else.”